How to Control Pet Hair at Home

Pet Hair and More Pet Hair …

The problem of pet hair in the home of every pet owner has been a problem at some time or another. No matter what sort of hair your beloved pet has, when it accumulates on furniture, clothes, and floor surfaces, the annoyance and embarrassment can be significant. Keeping the concern in check does require a multi-faceted technique, and consistent grooming is just one part of the necessary strategy. If you are battling with ongoing pet hair troubles, the team at Green Carpet SF wants to offer some helpful hints.

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Methods of Controlling Cat and Dog Hair

Always remember to brush your pet’s hair as frequently as you do your own. Making this a daily habit, whether outdoors or in a garage space, or even giving a good brushing a few times each week can help reduce the fur buildup you find in the home.

It is always a smart move to purchase some washable slipcovers or pet blankets for use on your furniture in places where your pet likes to cozy up. Alternatively, leather furniture is great because it facilitates easy vacuuming.

Using a high-quality, tear-free pet shampoo regularly is another useful method to keep dog and cat hair in check.

Consider making a grooming appointment for your pet roughly every four to six weeks.

HVAC filters should be changed on a regular schedule if pet hair is to be kept in control and vacuuming the house with a machine especially designed to handle pet hair can make a huge difference. Bissell is one company known for producing this type of tool.

Always keep lint rollers and brushes close at hand. Having one in the car, on your desk, and in places throughout the house is ideal for quick clean-ups that are required on the fly.

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If you can’t get your hands on a lint roller, consider using heavy duct tape as a way to pick hair up off of upholstered surfaces or other fabrics.

A dampened rubber glove is a surprisingly effective tool for getting pet hair up off of the couch or clothing. This is a well-kept secret of which more people need to be aware.

Purchasing professional grooming tools and hair brooms is a great way to reduce the escalation of pet hair in and around the house.

Make sure to schedule regular professional carpet cleanings to address not just hair, but also any staining and odors.

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