Professional Rug Cleaning

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Here at Green Carpet SF we specialize in Rug Cleaning.  Vacuuming your rug is essential but not enough.   The only way to have your favorite rug real cleaned is deep cleaning it by a professional technician who uses a specific method for your specific rug.   Depending on the type of fabric your rug is made from it will be determined on how to clean it in the most efficient method to have the best results and protect your rug,

When Should I Get My Rug Cleaned?

It is recommended to regularly vacuum your rug 1-2 times a week and to deep clean your rug twice a year to keep it cleaned and protected.

Our Special Method:

Depending on the fabric we use our hot-water extraction process to extract dirt, stains, and allergens from your area rug, along with a Safe Choice cleaning solution that doesn’t leave a residue.

We may recommend cleaning it in our rug facility for a more specific method and deeper cleaning to best assist the technician will asset your rug on the spot and give the best recommendation for you.


For any questions please give us a call 800-604-1058.


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2 thoughts on “Professional Rug Cleaning

  1. Diana vogan Reply

    They cleaned my 15×15 special ordered rug and it looks like the day we got it!!!
    There is a investment into this but it is worth it.
    There are lots of companies out there. We tried in the past but Greencarpet did the best job so far and we allready booked them to do our wall to wall carpet for our whole house.
    Thank you.

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