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Regularly cleaning of those expensive rugs is an important part of extending its useful service life. This is why making a regular cleaning a part of your rug maintenance regimen is an important part of maximizing the value of your investment. Our customers are always amazed at the results we achieve on a rug they thought they would need to toss out and replace.

technician performing area rug deep cleaning

Area rugs should be cleaned every three months to a year, depending on the level of traffic you are experiencing in your location. Areas of the home with high amounts of traffic or those favorite spots your pets love, will always need more cleaning to keep hygiene levels at an acceptable standard. You should vacuum once or twice a week as well. And for those with higher amounts of traffic, rugs should be washed with a dry shampoo after vacuuming no less than every two weeks.


Liquid shampoos are to be avoided because they can sometimes aggravate stains or even adversely affect the colors. Dry shampoos are better because they are widely available and preserve the rugs lifespan.


Regular Deep Cleaning

In addition to these regular cleanings, a regular deep cleaning will increase your rugs resilience. The regular vacuuming and shampooing that you apply will never really get all the dirt and greases embedded deep in the fiber near the base. As time goes on, these contaminants make it easier for the rug to lose its bounce as they become thickly matted with pollutants.

If you have been taking good care of your rugs and feel like despite your best efforts they have lost their original beauty, don’t despair. It I probably just time to have your rugs assessed by the professionals. You will be surprised how much life and color a professional cleaning can breathe into your dingy rugs.


Pickup & In-House Rug Cleaning

We’re really exited to offer our new rug pick up service. Simply call us to set up a pick up time window, and our technician will pick up your rugs and bring them back to our facility where we’ll safely and efficiently clean and dry them. Once there finished we’ll call you and arrange a drop off time window. How’s that for service?

To complement your newly cleaned rug, request a carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning as well!

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