Carpets lie on the floor all day collecting dust, dirt and a world of other pollutants from pollen to urban pollution.

One of the best methods of effectively removing these pollutants and contaminants from a carpet is with a deep steam cleaning, also called hot water extraction cleaning.

steam cleaning and extraction demo

Over the past few years, consumer standards for cleaning services have changed considerably. It is no longer acceptable to apply cleaning agents that contain strong VOCs, or chemical fragrances. The application of environmentally safe and completely non-toxic cleaning solutions is demanded by any modern home or office. It has been the practice of Green Carpet SF for the past ten years to apply only the best carpet cleaning solutions.

The primary cleaning agent we apply at Green Carpet SF is very effective in removing soil, and at the same time, wont harm your pets of family.

Green Cleaning – Stain Removal

For those carpets that need a little extra encouragement to release heavy soil build ups and stains, we have other products. They are 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic and also has a pleasant scent.

We can integrate our steam cleaning system with other machine to improve the drying time of your carpet. Other machines will provide better agitation that allows a deeper and more thorough cleaning.

If you have carpets that need a little attention, we suggest that you arrange an appointment with one of our qualified technicians. This will provide you with the most suitable plan for improving your carpets looks and hygiene.

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