Cleaning the tile and grout is not just as simple as passing a broom and mop over the floor once a week.

kitchen with clean tiles and grout

As homeowners, we simply pass a damp mop over our tile floors, but all this does is relocate the dirt and grime from the slippery tiles to the abrasive porous grout, causing it to become dingy and unsanitary. As times goes by, the once white and immaculate grouts can turn black with months of filth.

The lines of grout between floor and wall tiles have an absorbent and porous surface that can quickly absorb liquids, grease, stains dirt and other contaminants mopped around the floor. From grime and moisture, a mold colony can sprout up. As time goes by, the original color of the grout vanishes under a layer of accumulated pollutants.

In order to provide an effective solution, it is important to know what types of tiles are being dealt with. At Green Carpet SF, our skilled technicians will identify the type of tiling used. Natural stone like granite, serpentine, marble as well as manufactured tiles like porcelain or ceramics all react differently to different cleaning methods and the right match will prevent a serious disaster.

In order to address the greatest variety of grouts and tiles, we often use an oscillating scrubbing machine fitted with a mildly-abrasive nylon brush that is very effective at reaching in deep and pulling out as much grime and dirt as possible. After this, we use a deep cleansing hot water extraction method that dissolves greases and grimes and pulls them into the powerful truck-mounted extraction system outside.

This improved method completely eliminates the use of strong chemicals and caustic acids that always deteriorate the fine tile surfaces. At the same time, it is as effective as any chemical cleaning option in existence.

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