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The highest quality upholstery cleaning

Home is where we come to rest and recharge for the challenges and activities in the world beyond. After sleeping, eating and relaxing –– not to mention having pets and visitors around – your furniture will take quite a beating.

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At Green Carpet, our qualified professionals have experience with cleaning mattresses, sofas, dividers, cushions and more. Carpet cleaning extractors are also equipped with cutting-edge industry solutions that address all types of fabrics. Our specialty cleaning solutions can be used on cotton blends, cotton, micro suede, polyesters, leather and vinyl.

We use these specialty tools to control the flow of moisture and prevent it from penetrating deeper into the furniture where it will not dry well. Dividers can often develop unsightly creases and folds that detract from their fine appearance. A steam cleaning solution is all it takes to restore them to perfection. Regularly cleaning of office chairs and sofas also helps to prevent the buildup of allergens.

You can count on Green Carpet to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Pet & Human-Friendly Solutions

Green Carpet ~ San Francisco uses only the best pet and human friendly upholstery cleaning solutions.

How we work:

  1. We dry vacuum your upholstery.
  2. We scrub and remove any stains using various procedures which depend on the nature of the soil or stain, as well as the type of material.
  3. We shampoo, steam, and dry your upholstery to be refreshed.

To complement your newly cleaned furniture, request a carpet cleaning & rug cleaning as well!

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