The Bait And Switch

Bait And switch carpet cleaning



What Is The Bait And Switch?

Bait and switch technique is used in many companies in the service field of carpet cleaning.

The technique method is to offer a very low price for cleaning a carpet.   Upon arrival the company will switch the price up x2-x3 times higher than was quoted over the phone or online.

For example here is a very known bait & switch –

Only $29.99 for 1 room carpet cleaning.  Once the technician arrives at the customer property he informs the customer it does not include any cleaning solutions.  To be able to remove any stains or soil he will need to charge them $200 instead of the $29.99 they where quotes initially.

The bait was an initial very low competitive offer that switched into an increase of almost $170 extra into the final bill.    That is not even close to the market price for 1 bedroom carpet cleaning.


How to avoid the bait and switch?

  1. Companies that advertise their prices very low compared to others are a red flag. ( $29.99 for 1 room).
  2. Ask over the phone is this estimate a final price? if they avoid your answer that is a red flag.   (we agree that they cannot always give an accurate price over the phone due to different fabric, stains, but they can at least give a range for example $49-$89 the least is $49  the most would be is $89 and explained why.)
  3. Accepting cash only is another red flag. Those companies tend to be illegal and cannot accept cards.
  4. Reviews are the most important way to avoid bait & switch scam go on google search for their google reviews / Facebook reviews in 5 sec of looking on the web you will be able to know right away.



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