Traditional vs Green Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning usually involves soap, detergent or shampoo, and very strong, harsh solvents which remove stains and dirt from the carpet fibers. These traditional cleaning agents tend to contain harsh chemicals which can be incredibly toxic.

carpet cleaning results showing removal of pet ordors

In contrast, there are more modern methods of carpet cleaning which rely on milder chemicals and environmentally friendly cleaners to freshen your carpets. These cleaning agents are non-toxic, making them a popular choice for people who are worried about the health of their pets, children, or themselves.

Caring for Your Carpet

The solvents and soaps which are used to make traditional carpet cleaning products can be difficult to get out of your carpet fibers. Even if you rinse the carets repeatedly with a lot of hot water, you still the risk that some residue will remain on the carpet. This is what gives the carpets the ‘crunch’ when they dry. The dried out carpet fibers, with that all that residue on them can actually attract even more dirt. This means that even though you’ve just cleaned the carpets they’ll get dirty again all the more quickly, and need cleaning again and again, which in turn, can shorten their useful life.

In contrast, a much safer carpet cleaning technique would be to use water-based cleaning options, which means, there is no residue left after they’re rinsed. This means that your carpet will stay soft, fresh and clean.

Effects Chemicals May Have on Your Family

The chemicals that are used in traditional carpet cleaners can be harsh and dangerous, irritating your skin and potentially having adverse health effects, especially for children and pets. Lingering fumes, if inhaled, can cause headaches and respiratory problems. To get rid of those chemicals, you will need to rinse the carpet with copious amounts of water, which can leave the carpet and the underlay saturated, increasing the likelihood of bacteria growing in them.

In contrast, friendly cleaning methods do not rely on dangerous chemicals, and therefore they are much safer and better for you. There is no need to worry about harmful fumes, and the cleaning solution rinses off much more easily, with less water use. The carpet can dry quickly.

Cleaning and the Environment?

If these chemicals are not good for people in small amounts, then what about the effect on the environment? As you can imagine, if the chemicals are dangerous in small amounts, then the cumulative effect of widespread use can be bad for the environment too.

When you’re hiring carpet cleaners, consider what the technician will do with any excess and the chemicals that are washed off the carpet. Will they be allowed to run off into the groundwater or nearby streams? Will they be collected and disposed of safely? These are toxic substances so it’s important that you know how they are handled.

Green carpet cleaning methods are safer. They don’t rely on toxic substances, but on biodegradable, safer solutions. They’re not harsh or toxic, and any ‘run-off’ that does occur, is not going to do any damage to the environment. Oxidized water kills germs without releasing dangerous fumes our patented green cleaning system is effective and safe.