What You Need to Know About Stain Guard Protection

It’s great to see what a carpet or your upholstery looks like after you get a professional cleaning done on them. If you want them to look fresh longer then you’ll also want to ask about stain guard protection to keep stains and soil at bay.

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What Stain Guard Characteristics Are

A fabric protector is able to repel stains and dirt by keeping dirt from clinging to fibers in the carpet. This makes vacuuming work better because dirt is easier to collect, and you don’t need to pass over the carpet as much.

It also makes spill cleanup easier because it makes spills not as likely to become stains. Liquids are going to get repelled so you can blot up the mess easily.

Should Stain Guard Protection Be Added to Your Carpet Cleaning?

Yes, and here are a few good reasons as to why.

Stain Guard keeps permanent stains at bay. Spots and stains that look bad can ruin a carpet that is otherwise nice looking. Carpet that’s not protected can’t repel a spill as well as a carpet that is protected.

Stain Guard helps your high traffic areas not get as damaged. It’s known that soil can scratch and cut into carpet yarns because it’s an abrasive material. If you have an unprotected carpet, then it’s easier for soil to bind with the fibers.

Stain Guard makes it easier to remove spills and spots, so you don’t have to use as many chemicals to clean your carpeting.

The professional cleaning you get next time will be that much more effective because there won’t be as much soil to clean up. Additionally, stains that are on carpets that are protected can be extracted easier during a cleaning.

Most well known carpet makers will recommend that you use a high-quality protector every time you get a professional cleaning to restore it to its new look. Some carpet makers even say that you should do this if you want to work with the warranty associated with the carpet.

It’s a good idea to work with stain protection with each cleaning you get done. You’ll have a carpet that looks great and lasts a lot longer.

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